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Clemson Real Estate

The city of Clemson‘s character is largely defined by Clemson University, a large public university that dates to 1889. The university is the cultural center of the city, even though a small two-block downtown is located directly to the north of the campus. The community was originally named “Calhoun” and was renamed “Clemson” in 1943.

Although the university provides housing for students, many students live off campus in a wide variety of apartment complexes. Save for the downtown, sidewalks are largely absent, but some streets have bike paths. U.S. Route 123 on the northern end of the city exhibits typical suburban-style shopping center developments. The city’s comprehensive plan has a historic preservation component which will likely become more important as 1950s and ’60s buildings acquire historic status. The Clemson (train) Depot, built in 1893, was rehabilitated in 2001 and now houses the local chamber of commerce.

There is plenty to see while you are in Clemson besides the beautiful campus and robust downtown area- parks, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, walking trails, golf courses, boating, skiing, historic homes, horseback riding and a variety of attractions.

The city recently added recreational facilities and paths along Lake Hartwell including a new boardwalk.