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    Work Smarter Not Harder In The New Year


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    We have all heard the term “work smarter not harder.” However, do we actually take the time to look at steps that might help us achieve that goal? Today I would like to discuss with you all on steps that can help you work smarter not harder. We can take the initiative this year to work SMART.

    S- Work SIMPLE: Only touch things once. If it is in paper form, put it in the right place the first time. Do not put it in a pile to do later, put it directly in the line of completion.

    M-Work MEASURABLE: Write monthly and quarterly goals and measure how much of the goals you’ve accomplished. For example, if you plan to save 100 dollars each month and the first month you saved 50 and the next month you saved the full 100 you have then measured that the first month was 50% of the goal and the second month was 100% completion of the goal.

    A-Work ACCOUNTABLE: Prioritize your work for the day. Make lists and prioritize what must get done in order of importance. Having a list keeps you accountable and on track of daily tasks.

    R- Work REALISTIC: Set realistic goals. Be sure to not over commit to some things. You will get discouraged if you can not reach a goal that you thought was obtainable, but over commitment made it unobtainable. Be sure to know that it is ok to say no to tasks that you know are out of your control. If you set realistic goals you can get more accomplished.

    T- Work THOUGHTFUL: Remember to be thoughtful. To all of those around you. If you surround yourself with positivity and thoughfulness you can be rewarded with those things. It also creates an environment that you enjoy working in.

    Remember to work SMART you can create your own SMART plan if it fits your needs to work smarter, not harder. I hope that everyone is ringing in the New Year with Joy and Happiness. Work SMARTer not harder!

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      I couldn’t agree more. One of my pet peeves your first mention of working simple, my kids will attest to that (haha). I appreciate you mentioning “how” to work by being thoughtful. The kindness usually comes full circle. Love the picture!!! Thanks Caitlin!


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