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    Winter is coming – Keep your eye on your heating bills

    With the gradual change in weather and lower temperatures coming, everyone is getting ready to warm themselves up.  However, if you’re not careful, your home heating bills will go through the roof.

    The Powell Group at Keller Williams of the Western Upstate of South Carolina has several tips you can start applying.  They will help you make sure you won’t pay an arm-and-a-leg when the temperature drops through the basement.

    Keeping your threshold sealed will help keep cold air out
    Keeping your threshold sealed will help keep cold air out

    First of all, replace your weatherstripping around your doors and windows.  Over time, they can get worn out, which can cause drafts to slowly come in.  By replacing the weatherstripping, you ensure the seal around your doors and windows are tight, which will keep your house warm.

    Thresholds under the door can suffer the same fate.  If there is any space between the door and the threshold, you’re letting air into the house.  By adjusting the threshold and door, you minimize that space, which will help your heating bill.

    Another issue is a hole in the wall.  Holes in the walls can cause more problems than you think.  Not only can they let a draft in, but any small crevice is ample space for bugs and any other pests you can think of to come in – including mice.  Caulk may be good for water pipes, but remember that it cracks and peels.  So, you’ll have to replace it from time-to-time.  For other holes, use expanding foam.  It’s a quick way to ensure that small holes in the walls and around other pipes will be sealed.

    Letting the sun in during the day will help keep the house warm
    Letting the sun in will help keep the house warm at night

    Another way to reduce your bill involves your attic.  If you have one, insulate the door and make sure the insulation is working.  Just like with other doors, you want to make sure that no cold air is getting through.  Protecting the door’s seal will help ensure that the house will stay home without any help from the furnace.

    Lastly, there is a natural resource that will help you heat the house.  Open your windows and let the sunshine in.  Although it may be colder, the sun can still keep your house warm through your windows during the day.  The solar power will be retained in the house and you may not need the furnace as much.  Voila!  Smaller heating bills.

    The Powell Group encourages you to pay attention to your heating bill and the many ways you can reduce your monthly payment.  Our team members can assist you in finding the resources you need to get it done properly.

    If you are moving to the Western Upstate of South Carolina, log on to our website and have a look at our beautiful homes.  We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

    (Pictures used from Wikimedia)

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