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    What you need to know when buying a home

    You’re ready to make a move to a new home.  That’s fantastic!  But, there are certain things that should be on your checklist.

    New homebuyers probably have certain things in mind such as house size and number of rooms.  However, there are issues that need to be considered before moving to a new house.

    Any new home buyer should know about upgrades to a house
    Any new home buyer should know about upgrades to a house
    1. Property taxes can be different even if you live in a nearby county in the same state.  While sales tax may the same in the neighborhood, your property taxes could also be based on the price of the house.  Just because adjacent houses look similar does not necessarily mean you’ll have the same price.  Ask your agent for the details.

      The roof's condition is an important factor when buying a new home
      The roof’s condition is an important factor when buying a new home
    2. Any changes – especially upgrades – will definitely affect the price.  Knowing what was paid for the upgrade will help you understand what went into the asking price.  After all, the upgrade made the house more valuable, and you’ll be expected to understand that.
    3. Monthly bills are essential to pay no matter where you live.  However, things like mortgage and utilities will be different in the new home.  Getting the specifics of this information quickly will help you make an informed decision.
    4. You will want to know about insects and – although no one likes to think about it – mice.  In humid rural areas, this may be an issue.  Even in an urban area, you could have your average fly problem.  It’s good to know if and when exterminators were needed so you can be prepared later.
    5. Check out the roof.  If the roof has not been prepared for several years, you may be the one left with the bigger issues later.  If the house is new, you probably won’t have that issue.  However, any roof that is decades old and has not been fixed could cause problems later.

    The Powell Group encourages you to think about these and other issues you may want to consider when buying a new home.  Our team members are always here to answer your questions and concerns.

    If you are looking for your new dream home, you may log on to our website and view all of our available houses.  You will find plenty of information at your fingertips.

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