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    Warm Welcoming Wednesday

    Welcoming and Warm are two words that we look for when decorating our home. Today will be dedicated to giving you DIY ideas to decorate your home with welcoming and warm ideas!


    When we open our home to the guest we always want them to feel welcome. Below you will find some of my favorite DIY ideas to make your home feel welcoming.

    • Make your own wreath or front door hanger. These can be as simple as painting “welcome” on a piece of wood, to getting as intricate as making one of those beautiful burlap wreaths. The ball is in your court but Pinterest has wonderful instructions on how to make them.Welcome home Hwreath
    • You can also add a welcoming feeling by adding an accent rug to your front entrance or even a nice coat rack, or bench with bench


    Warm ideas can be a multitude of things such as; warm colors, cozy furniture, and light decor. I love to use fall colored items when I think cozy. Nothing is better than sitting by the fireplace on a loveseat with a knit blanket. I got these few ideas from Pinterest.

    • Faux flower centerpieces. You can get faux flowers, a vase, and marbles from Dollar Tree and make beautiful 5 dollar decor.
    • DIY CozyIf you are good with yarn and needles you can knit or crochet a beautiful warm colored blanket. If you do not know how to worries! I learned from online youtube tutorials and picked it up relatively quickly. I am always here to answer questions as well.fall knit

    I hope that you all are excited for the cooler months ahead! If you all have any questions or ideas please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you all, have a wonderful rest of your week.

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