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    • Want to boost your home’s value? There are several things you can do

    Want to boost your home’s value? There are several things you can do

    Many of us live in a house in which we plan to live in for several years to come.  However, there are those cases in which something happens to change our plans.  According to Daniel DiClerico from Consumer Reports, there are eight things that homeowners can do to make a home more valuable to potential buyers.  Keeping an eye on these issues will help to ensure they consider your house their dream home.  This is especially true of millennials:

    Improving your home now will improve its value later
    Improving your home now will improve its value later
    1. According to the Consumer Reports survey, millennials have placed a high value on the kitchen.  If you decide to move, make sure the kitchen looks like new.  It is also a good idea to leave behind a modern set of appliances.  Freshening up the walls and cabinets will also help your kitchen look like new.  Sure, paying for it may be expensive, but you stand a good chance of making this a great return on your investment.
    2. Open floor plans will work wonders for you when potential buyers look through your home.  You don’t need to worry about the size of your house or your floors.  Making sure the rooms have plenty of space will make them look bigger – no matter what size the size.  You can also remodel your basement or attic.  Doing so will create even more livable space within your home.
    3. Lowering the cost of energy in your home will definitely be a big selling point to those looking to buy.  Make sure that everything is well insulated and your water heater is a modern one.  Taking care of these issues will let new buyers know you understand that these processes can lower the energy bills.
    4. In 2016, new home buyers, who are often millennials, want to spend more time relaxing or entertaining than cleaning it.  Making sure the appliances and heater work can help, but you should also check for holes in the roof, but more houses feature hardwood floors.  Carpeting can look great, but the upkeep can also take a lot of work.  Sure, you’ll have to clean a hardwood floor.  However, you won’t have to do it as much as that plush carpet you love so much.  Remember – less work for them may mean more money at the sale.
    5. Think about the future – and about possible incoming guests.  Many current homes feature steep staircases, narrow doorways and bathrooms in which you could easily slip.  All of these are hazards for people who are older.  However, they are also hazards for people with disabilities – especially if they use wheelchairs.  Not everyone who is older needs accommodations.  On the flip side, not everyone who is younger is able-bodied.  When inviting someone into your home, don’t just think about the entrances.  Sure, they are important.  But, can every guest access every publicly-open room in your house?  If a person needs to use your restroom, can they do so without problems?  In addition, think about future buyers and the possible friends and family they may have.  Make sure everyone can access the rooms in your house.  Not doing so could hinder the sale.  Thinking about accessibility will help invite more people.
    6. Painting is important!  You don’t need to re-paint every part of the house.  However, since people will see the outside of the house, the kitchen and bathroom, you should definitely make sure those areas look touched-up and are scratch-free.  Sure, your new puppy or kitten may scratch the walls.  But, a potential buyer won’t think about the pet.  They will focus on the scratches and think you didn’t want to bother cleaning it up.  That’s a potential dealbreaker.  Clean it up, and make sure your high-traffic rooms are spotless.
    7. Think about expanding your property if you have the room for it, but remember to think small.  Millennials definitely enjoy extras spaces like a pool or outdoor patio, but they are also mindful of the upkeep.  Keeping the extra space low-maintenance will be of more interest because it’ll show they don’t need to do the extra work.
    8. Smart technology is intelligent.  Sure, the new television and audio player looks great.  But, technological advances happen quickly.  By the time you sell your house, those items you thought were great in 2012 will already be outdated – especially to a millennial who keeps up with new technological trends.  If they have the latest smartphone and headphones, you’re done before you start because they’ll want to replace everything with updated items.  However, there are smart items that are beneficial.  Programmable thermostats, certain lights and an up-to-date security system will let millennials know you’re knowledgeable about what they look for.

    The Powell Group understands that preparing your home for the sale may be tough work.  It may also become expensive.  However, consider all of these issues as a return on your investment.  After all, doing these things now means the buyer doesn’t have to do them later.  It’ll also show you cared enough to make the house look like new.  If you pay attention to these issues, you will be rewarded later with a higher selling price.

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