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    Upstate farms are always a popular spot to visit

    People around the country understand that crops and other food come from farms, but do you know what goes into running one?

    According to Mike Ellis of the Independent Mail, people from many parts of the country visit Upstate farms every year in South Carolina.  While visiting, they begin to understand tasks that local farmers accomplish in order to keep the animals safe and produce the food we eat.

    Come tour our local farms by contacting the Carolina Farms Stewardship Association
    Come tour our local organic farms by contacting the Carolina Farms Stewardship Association

    According to Ellis, Gloria Williams runs Lucky Acres Farm in Townville, and she moved to the area with her husband from New York.  Together, they have raised several animals for the past 14 years.

    But, there is a local association that allows people to tour all the local farms.  The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s Upstate Farm Tour allows people to understand what farm living is really like.

    The CFSA has several tours and workshops that teach people all about sustainable and organic farming.  While on the tour, you can not only learn about sustainable farming.  You can also partake in great tasting food that is grown locally.  You’ll learn what it takes to grow the food and why organically-grown food can be healthier for you in several ways.

    The tour includes 22 farms, and every farm showcases different aspects of farm life including animals, crops and meats.


    For more information
    Phone:  919-542-2402

    The Powell Group invites you to schedule a tour of our local farms.  Exploring each farm will be a fun and educational experience.  While there, you may view all of our available homes in the area.  Our team members are always here to answer all of your housing questions and concerns.  We are sure that our local farms will have everything you need to conjure up a great meal in your own kitchen.

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