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Unique Easter Egg Decoration


Happy Easter!  Spring is blooming so beautifully this year and what a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, than to bring the kids outside and get creative with this year’s egg decorating!  These designs are super easy and inexpensive to do on your own, and with a few supplies from your local supermarket or craft store you will have designer Easter eggs that everyone on the block will love!


Tattoo Eggs

  These fun and easy, no dye eggs are a hit all your kids will love.
    Simply apply any fake tattoo to the egg, just as you would your 
    skin.  Instead of bright colors, you’ll get eggs stamped with spiders,
    superheros, and more.

Blackboard Eggs

Write “Happy Easter” messages on these neat eggs.  Simply07-unique-egg-ideas-chalk-fsl
coat eggs with a layer of chalkboard paint and let your chalk
do the talking. If you fall out of love with a pattern or picture,
just wash the surface and draw again. 

  Ombre Eggs

ombre Your guests will love these chic and trendy ombre eggs.
 Prepare dye according to packaging and let eggs soak
 for varying amounts of time.  Take them out quickly for 
 a hint or color and leave them in longer to get a richer color.

Washi Tape Eggs

Put metallic, patterned, and pastel washi tape to good use04-unique-egg-ideas-tape-designs-fsl
with this cute no – dye egg decorating option.  Cut tape into
various shapes and stick to eggs surface.

Impressionist Eggs


06-unique-egg-ideas-painterly-fsl   Break out some acrylic paint to try this egg decorating
   trend.  Using short brush strokes, create a basic pattern
   around a hard boiled egg and just let it dry!


Mustache Eggs

Give fragile shells facial hair with this fun idea!01-unique-egg-ideas-mr-egg-fsl
Draw curly and handlebar varieties onto shell
surfaces for some dapper – looking eggs.

Lazy Daisy Eggs

   The beauty of these eggs belies how unbelievablyunique-egg-decorating-ideas-lazy-daisy-eggs-04-sl 
   easy they are to make.  Dye egg desired color and let
   dry completely.  Adhere the stickers and smooth well
   with your fingers.  That’s it!  No need to stick with daisies,
   use any flower or design that tickles you.  

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter, from all of us here, at The Powell Group.

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