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    Turn Your Backyard Into a Fun Retreat!

    With the summer quickly fading away, here are some great inexpensive last minute DIY ideas to make the most out of your summer evenings and weekends in your own backyard.

    DIY Rope Swing: Don’t let a stand-alone oak tree or any healthy tree in your yard go unused. Make the most of it and put up a rope swing. The rope swing only requires a rope, a saw, and wood. Start by going to Lowes, Home Depot, or your closest home improvement store and purchase an 18” or 24” inch wooden round, as well as 25+ feet of 1inch or thicker rope. The thicker the rope is, the more stable the swing will be. Once you have those items, you are already half way done! Cut a one-inch hole (the thickness of the rope determines the size of the cut that should be made). Start by taking a ladder to the branch you have chosen and tie off your rope to the branch with a non-slip mono knot (or any knot of your choice). Once you have the rope secure to the tree branch, thread the wooden round onto the rope and tie a figure eight or an overhand knot (or any secure knot of your choice) and slide your wooden round down the rope until it hits that knot.  Voila! You have a rope swing!

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    Paver Hopscotch: This project is very simple and is a blast for younger children. Instead of using chalk and letting the rain wash away hopscotch in the driveway, why not make it last all summer! Purchase ten pavers and any spray paint of your choice (or choose several colors of spray paint), one paint brush and either painter’s plastic or leaf trash bags (only because you do not want to paint your grass as well). Spray the pavers with whatever color your heart desires. Use the paint brush to pain the numbers 1-10 using either white or black paint. Let the pavers dry for the recommended time on the paint. Once the pavers are dry, you can place them in your back yard and have some fun!

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    Love Nest: For my love birds out there who want to enjoy a backyard retreat here is a solution! Simply take outdoor string lights, an outdoor rug, and a ton of outdoor pillows and you can turn your backyard into a sanctuary for summer nights. Hang the lights where ever you see fit in your backyard or on your porch. Lay out the rug under your lights and load it with pillows. Enjoy! Get creative and add your personal touch to your new space. Creating a love nest is for sure a fun project to do with your significant other. Once the two of you have completed it, you can lay under the stars together.

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    I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer thus far and hope these ideas will add a little bit of fun to your summer. Let me know what ideas you try and please let me know if you have any ideas that I should give a try! I look forward to hearing all of the wonderful ideas you all have in mind.

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