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    Tips for dealing with depression during the holidays

    We all have stress during the holiday season.  But, for many people across the country, this time of year can be extra stressful. has several suggestions on how to help someone get through it.

    If you are dealing with depression, make sure you keep your routines intact.  Sure, you have added pressure to get to the stores to buy your loved ones a gift, but don’t let your normal routines suffer because of it.  Keep doing whatever you like to do, and don’t let the pressure get to you.  Take time out for yourself and get some rest.

    According to the article, and Jeffrey Greeson, PhD., there are some ways to avoid conflict with family during these times.  “If you know there are going to be conflicts, prepare a neutral response, such as, ‘Let’s talk about that another time,’ or, ‘I can see how you would feel that way.'”, Greeson said.  “Then escape to the restroom, offer to help in the kitchen, or go hang out with the kids. And it always helps to call a good friend if you need a sympathetic ear.”

    Also, according to the article, don’t worry about being a perfectionist.  The decorations don’t need to be perfect.  Remember that you are human.

    The weather can play a part, as well.  As the days have gotten shorter, there is less available exposure to sunlight, which gives off Vitamin D.  Without it, we can become irritable.  So, go for that walk.  If it’s too cold, go for a nice drive — or even open a window.  But, make sure you get the sunlight you need to avoid being grumpy.  After all, your family is excited to see your positive self this Christmas.

    In the end, don’t forget to lean on people.  If the family you were born into isn’t nearby, spend time with friends.  After all, some friends are so close, they may as well be family.  Lean on them.  Never forget that they are there to help when the going gets rough.  Don’t just “get going.”

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    By Jason Michaels

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    Spending time with people during the holidays can help get through the hard times
    Spending time with people during the holidays can help get through the hard times

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