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There are certain things house sellers shouldn’t showcase

If you are selling your house, take heed.  There are certain things you should put away when staging your house.

What do we mean by “staging”?  Think of it this way.  When you are looking at a home – or for those that have previously lived in an apartment – you know that there is a certain way that a model should look.  If you are selling your house, you need to make sure your house becomes that model.  As such, you need to stow away certain items.

If you’re concerned, you need not be.  The Powell Group has recommendations for you.

Make sure your house looks like a model that buyers want to live in
Make sure your house looks like a model in which buyers want to live
  1. Mouse traps and similar items should not be seen by potential buyers.  It will let them know that you’ve recently had a problem of some kind.  If you do have a problem, call your local pest control company before having buyers over.  One item in sight could be the biggest killer of all because your sale could be dead.
  2. Hunters beware!  Put away those deer heads and other hunted prey.  While you may be proud of your “trophy,” your potential buyer may see things differently.  If a buyer isn’t interested in hunting, it could turn them off to your house.  Besides, don’t you want to take them with you to your new home?
  3. Weapon owners should also hide their belongings.  First, they could be seen as a potential danger to those who are not weapon owners.  Second, they may not realize they are safely covered or locked, which could scare off potential buyers.  Don’t let their lack of knowledge ruin a sale.  You can always bring them back out later.
  4. Lastly, you – yourself – should leave for a while when the agents come.  We understand you are the expert of your house.  However, you have entrusted your agent with the same knowledge, which will then be shared with any buyer’s agents.  Let them handle the sale.  Besides, you may inadvertently say something that could ruin everything.  Of course, make yourself available for questions at the proper time.  But, let the agents involved be the ringleaders.

The Powell Group encourages sellers to stage their homes as best as possible.  Our team members are always here to answer all of your questions and concerns.

If you are moving to the Western Upstate of South Carolina, log on to our website and have a look at all our available homes.  We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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