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    The Upstate will host the Republican debate

    The presidential season is in high gear as 2016 begins.  Presidential debates – on both sides of the spectrum – have been broadcast from many different locations.  However, the next Republican debate will be of interest to locals.  It will be broadcast from Greenville’s Peace Center on Feb. 13.

    CBS will broadcast the last Republican debate at The Peace Center on Feb. 13
    CBS will broadcast the last Republican debate at The Peace Center on Feb. 13

    According to Greenville Online, “‘Face the Nation’s’ John Dickerson will be the principal moderator of the debate, which will be the last before South Carolina’s Feb. 20 Republican primary.”  Dickerson will also host his Sunday morning program live at the venue on Feb. 14.  Both will be broadcast on CBS, streamed on CBSN and Twitter, and will also feature Google trends.

    To have a nationally televised presidential debate broadcast in our area is, naturally, a big moment for the Upstate.  You may remember that the Clemson Tigers faced off in the NCAA Football National Championship in January.  This debate only adds to the notoriety for our area.

    While watching these events, viewers will understand what locals have known all along – the Upstate of South Carolina has a lot to offer.  Our area is growing, and people are taking notice.  As a result, viewers will be able to see all of the Upstate’s events, festivities and beautiful homes.

    The Powell Group invites everyone to visit our website and look everything we have to offer.  We are sure that the national attention these events have brought will lead you to the home of your dreams.

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