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The Road to a Successful Thanksgiving!

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It is officially November which means the holiday season is getting closer and closer each day. I have come up with a 23-day list to get you and your home ready for the holiday season! Starting with today as day one I walk you through helpful tips to do each day to make thanksgiving a breeze. I would recommend printing this out. I believe at least one tip if not all of the tips on this list will help you in some way.

Day 1- Make Lists! Make a future guest list, make a meal list for Thanksgiving day, make a cleaning list. Lists are wonderful for keeping you on track. If you make a list on the computer share it in your google docs so that you can always have access to it.

Day 2- Start the De-Clutter! You are bound to have a guest in your home this holiday season so start the process by de-cluttering. The guest room that always seems to end up as storage room, go ahead and clean that room out and prep it for guests.

Day 3- Create a Plan For Entertaining. This might seem extreme, however having guest can be overwhelming. If you plan in advance you can have everything prepared before your guests arrive. Note things such as sleeping arrangements, how many plate settings, how many plus ones will be in attendance, and so on.

Day 4- Pick a room. Pick a room in the house to either de-clutter or deep clean. You always feel nice when your home is ready for guests so why not start early to make sure you are ready to go.

Day 5- Yard Work. I think this is something that can easily slip our mind during the holiday season. The outside appearance of your home is just as important as the inside. Lend some TLC to your landscaping.

Day 6- Volunteer. Most years we get so wrapped up in our chaos that we forget to lend a hand. Even if it is helping a neighbor move boxes down from the attic, just lend a hand. The smallest gestures make the biggest impact

Day 7- Light Bulbs and Detectors. When was the last time you thought to walk your home and change lightbulbs? Probably not that recently since this is not something we think of on a day to day basis. Take time to check your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and replace any light bulbs that have burnt out.

Day 8- Update Your Address Book. Whether it be an electronic copy or a hard copy go ahead and start updating it not because as soon as thanksgiving is over is when the holiday cards come flying in.

Day 9- Kitchen Supplies. If your crockpot broke last year or your roasting pan is MIA now is the time to organize the kitchen to fix those problems. You do not want to get to the day before thanksgiving and panic because you are missing a kitchen necessity, so look into that beforehand.

Day 10- Take Time for Yourself. That’s right take a few hours and go read a book, take a bubble bath, or go for a run. Whatever you do to wind down take a day to do that. We all need a day of rest.

Day 11-Air filter. Go ahead and change the air filter in the house. This will help you as well as your guests. It is a great feeling in our home once all the filters are changed.

Day 12- Need a Ham or Turkey? Today is the day to order your ham or turkey if you have not already done so. The main part of our thanksgiving feasts is normally one if not both of these delicious meats, however, if you order yours in advance time is running out get this done!

Day 13- Officially 10 Days Until Thanksgiving! Don’t freak out though because you are doing great! You already have so much done in advance! Go you! Do take time today to make sure that your guests know when and where thanksgiving festivities will be held.

Day 14- Delegate! Everything is not on you. Take a deep breath and delegate a task. If you have kids give them one simple chore such as vacuuming or dusting and that right there will make a huge difference. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it makes everything so much easier

Day 15- Pick a Room Again. Now is when we get closer and closer. Delegate a room to each member of the household and tidy it up. Delegating makes this task go by so quickly.

Day 16- Time to Meal Prep. If you do not have a menu go ahead and start planning what will be a part of the Thanksgiving day menu. It is easier to come up with one in advance as opposed to the day before or day of.

Day 17- Buy In Bulk. Grab the coupons and grocery store flyers for sales and deals. Now is the time to put your best grocery shopping to the test. Buying in bulk and on sale for the holidays is the way to go. Do your research my first instinct is to go to bulk stores such as Sams Club however at grocery stores such as Publix and Bi-Lo you can find buy one get one free deals as well as coupons. So do your research and then go shopping.

Day 18- Decor. If you love to decorate then today is the day to do so. The last Saturday before Thanksgiving. Pinterest has always been my friend for decor. There are a lot of opportunities to do DIY inexpensive decor. Get to pinteresting and crafting! Today will be a blast!

Day 19- Learn From Experience. If there is something that happened last year that you do not want to happen this year make a list of what happened and try to come up with a solution. Such as the thermostat being too low for older family members, or an allergy you did not know of. Just try to prepare early so that there is no stress on Thursday.

Day 20- Make Your List Again. Today is the day to make sure you are ready to go for Thursday. You should be pretty well off because at this point we have cleaned our guest rooms, have a list of guest, we have purchased the food, and gotten you through the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Just run back through your lists to make sure you are good to go!

Day 21- Family is Here. You might have family starting to arrive between today and tomorrow. Remember to take a deep breath. Families are not always picture perfect we know that. Be tolerant and flexible on family members. After all, it is the holiday season.

Day 22- Food Prep Day! Today is the day to get it done! It has always been helpful in our home to prep all of our food the day before. Having the food prepared in advance makes tomorrow a breeze because all that will be left is to bake or cook everything tomorrow instead of prep, clean, and cook. Take some of the hassles out of tomorrow by preparing the food and cleaning the kitchen tonight.

Day 23- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Take a deep breathe you made it!!! Today should be a breeze, food is in the oven family is all together and your house is ready for the action!

I hope that you all have a very happy thanksgiving. Don’t forget to take time for yourself and the earlier you prep the easier it is. If you all have any tips please let me know in the comments below I always look forward to learning something new. Have a wonderful, safe, and joyous Thanksgiving!

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