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    Tax Free Weekend is Almost Here

    Have you ever thought about what is and is not tax free this weekend? Of course we know that school supplies and clothes are tax free but in South Carolina (Each state may vary) we have a lot of items that you can cash in on this weekend. I went to and found a list of every item that is or is not tax free this weekend. The list is a big one so I suggest viewing it for your self on their website: What’s tax free — and what’s not — during SC’s tax-free weekend

    Some of the main items that stuck out to me were:

    Bathroom Mats

    Bathroom Towels

    Shower Curtain Inserts

    Bed Sheets

    Wedding Dresses (yes if you are getting married soon this is the weekend to get your dress!)

    Baby Diapers

    Baby Clothes


    The List goes on! Check it out for yourself with the link above and get a list going. This will be the shopping weekend of the year especially if you know what to get your hands on. Happy shopping everyone!

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