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    Stay safe while shoveling snow

    While much of the Upstate has not received a lot of snow, some parts have gotten several inches – and it’s not over.  Although you may want to quickly remove the snow from your surrounding sidewalks and lawns, it is important to understand the safety issues involved.

    As Brady Dennis from The Washington Post reported, there are several steps that should be followed in removing the “white stuff”:


    • Dress warmly, making sure to cover your mouth, ears and extremities to maintain body heat. – The cold air could affect your lungs and your ability to breathe, which will also be affected while shoveling snow.  The combined factors could definitely prove problematic if you don’t take precautions
    • Warm up with light exercise before beginning. – Shoveling snow can wear out anyone.  It is important to stretch and do some exercises to get your heart going before shoveling
    • Pace yourself. Take frequent breaks. – Remember…it doesn’t need to be done in one shot.  The temperature will rise and help melt the snow.  So, if you’re tired after a while, take a break
    • Try to push snow out of the way rather than lifting heavy loads. – The snow may look like and fluffy.  However, it will sit on the ground and compact with the snow that’s already there.  The combination will make it heavier than you may think.  Just push it to the side, and let Mother Nature take care of the rest
    • When possible, shovel several times throughout the storm to make the task more manageable. – While resting is important, making sure the task is manageable is just as important.  Monitor the area around your home.  If it starts to pile up, it may be necessary to go back out there and shovel again.  Depending on the severity of the storm, it may be necessary to do this multiple times
    • Stay well hydrated. – Shoveling is exercise.  As with any other workout, it is important to stay hydrated.  Doing so will help make sure your body can handle the required exertion to remove the snow

    The Powell Group is here to help you get through any type of storm and is happy to answer any question you have.

    By Jason Michaels

    A snowman and surrounding snow is just one example of the impending weather in the Upstate
    A snowman and the surrounding snow is just one example of the impending weather in the Upstate

    (Picture used from WYFF’s coverage of the Winter Storm)


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