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    Stay cool in the Western Upstate heat during the summer

    As we head into July, one thing is clear in the Western Upstate of South Carolina.  It’s hot!  Every year, we hear stories of people getting affected by the heat around here.

    We at The Powell Group all know that there are things that everyone needs to do on a daily basis that require us to either be outside for longer periods of time or even work outside – professionally or at home.

    Stay cool while enjoying Western Upstate sites like Lake Hartwell
    Stay cool while enjoying Western Upstate sites like Lake Hartwell

    But, there are three things you can do to “beat the heat” this summer.  While some of these tips may be common knowledge, some people forget to practice them or think, “Oh, I’ll be OK.”

    Don’t be fooled.  While this area is beautiful year-round, the heat has a tendency to surprise residents and tourists alike.  So, take care to practice heat safety.

    1. Stay out of the heat for prolonged periods of time.  This may sound obvious at first.  But, many people stay out there and don’t realize how much time has passed.  Time really does “fly when you’re having fun.”  Being out there for too long can make you tired and affect you in many ways.  We know the lawn has to be mowed.  But, you can either do it early (when the heat isn’t as bad) or in spurts.  Nothing like that needs to be done all at one time.  Take your time and don’t get tired.
    2. Speaking of taking your time, do exactly that.  Take your time.  Give yourself permission to do things slower than you may be used to.  After all, even when it’s colder, doing things at an accelerated pace can raise your heartbeat and adrenaline.  All of these things will naturally raise your body temperature to begin with.  But, in the summer heat, you need to take extra-special care.  Your body temperature will normally be warmer because it’s warmer outside, which may also affect the indoor temperature of your house.  So, stay cool and take it slow.
    3. Lastly and – as some may argue – most importantly, keep yourself hydrated.  But, don’t drink alcohol or sugary drinks.  Those will only dry you up even more.  Doing so is another way to raise your body temperature, and will have adverse effects on your body.  Instead, consider drinking more water.  Don’t forget, our body is made up mostly of water.  So, drinking it will naturally cool you down.

    The Powell Group understands you have things to do that require you to be outside, and we hope you will enjoy everything our area has to offer.  However, stay cool out there.  There are places in our area that offer plenty of shade and are free to enjoy.  While in our area, you may look at any of our available homes.  Our team members are here to answer all of your housing questions and concerns.

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