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    Staging For Fast Sale

    Selling your home?  Want to sell it quickly and put a few extra dollars in your pocket?  Who wouldn’t?  Here are few quick and simple tips to get your home ready for showings.

    Before you show your home to any potential buyer, be sure to go through your entire house with your listing agent to finish the staging process.  Meanwhile, follow these general tips to get your started on the staging of your home and it will be the at the top of the competition in your subdivision.

    Let’s start inside your gorgeous home and get it looking fresh and bright.

    1. Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture throughout the house.  A sparsely decorated home helps the buyer mentally “move in” with their own things and helps them visualize themselves living in the space.

    2. Rearrange furniture.  Often times many home owners have too much furniture in one room.  When selling, thin out overcrowded rooms to make them appear larger.

    3. Clear unnecessary objects from the kitchen counter tops.  If it hasn’t been used for three months…put it away.  Also, clear refrigerator fronts of all magnets & pictures.


    Now that we have given the inside a new look, let’s focus on getting the most “WOW” factor out of your front porch.


    1. Check the condition of paint on your home, especially the trim & front door.  The first impression, or “curb appeal”, is very important to prospective buyers.

    2. Check all gutters as well as the roof for dry rot & moss.  Make sure they are swept and cleaned.

    3.  Look at all plants.  Plants are like children, they grow so fast.  Prune bushes & tress.  Keep plants from blocking any windows.  You can’t sell a house if people can’t see it!


    Try to look at your house through a potential buyers eyes as though you have never seen or been inside it before.  This will allow you to see what needs to be done.  Any time and money invested on these key tips will usually bring you the return of more money and a quicker sale.


    For more Home Staging Tips, visit or learn from the pros at HGTV by going to

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