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    Some trees can wreak havoc on your gardens

    Spring is in the air, and it’s time to start planting.  While many are planting flowers, fruits and vegetables, some are planting the seeds to grow new trees.  However, you may want to think twice when it comes to certain ones.  As Brent Glasgow from Angie’s List and The State in Columbia, SC tell us, some trees can cause problems for your garden.

    Ash trees can
    Ash trees can be susceptible to the emerald borer beetle
    Black walnut trees can look nice, but can cause problems in your garden
    Black walnut trees can look nice, but can kill some plants and trees
    • Black walnut trees can cause plants like tomatoes and cabbage to die because of high levels of a chemical called juglone.  Keep them away from apple, pear and pine trees too.
    • Ash trees are a favorite of the emerald ash borer beetle, which can eat tree bark and “disrupt water and nutrient transport.”
    • Ginkgo trees are popular for producing Gingko Biloba – a popular remedy to improve cognitive ability.  However, the female variety produces a fruit that gives off bad odors and sticks to surfaces when it falls.  If you want a ginkgo tree, it is best to choose “Autumn Gold or Lakeview varieties,” which are male.

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