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    Selling your home? Great! Just stay away from doing certain things

    You’re about to sell your home, and you’re excited.  The Powell Group understands that.  After all, it’s a big step in moving forward with your life.  However, according to Craig Donofrio of, there are certain things you might be doing that could inhibit your sale.

    There are certain things sellers should avoid doing
    There are certain things sellers should avoid doing

    Sticking around – Your agent knows all about the house you want to sell.  They know all the details of what’s good and what need improving.  Staying there during a showing does two things – it makes you look like a third wheel, and it also has the potential of making the buyer nervous.  We understand that, since you’ve lived there for so long, you are an expert about your house.  However, you hired your agent to help with that.  They now know as many details as you do.  So, relax and let them handle it.

    Overhyping upgrades – That new, shiny, dishwasher is great.  But, it may be less of a concern to the buyer.  Just because you consider it a great upgrade to the house doesn’t mean the buyer will put as much stock into it.  The same can be said for any other new feature in the house.  It may be fantastic to you, but the buyer may consider it less important.  Let them make the call.

    Repairs – If you notice something needs repair, make sure you fix it before it goes on the market.  If that isn’t possible, and you know it still needs repair, follow through on making sure it gets fixed.  One of the worst things you could do is mention something needs fixing it and leaving it to the agent to deal with.  Even worse, you make it the buyer’s problem.  Doing so will almost definitely kill the sale.

    Giving agents no room to breathe – You’re excited about selling the house.  We understand that.  However, your agent is also working on other situations that need his or her attention.  Checking on your situation every once in a while is understandable – even encouraged.  However, checking on it daily (or worse, multiple times per day) is not a good thing to do.  Your agent will be glad to discuss any important issues with you.  However, the minor issues can wait.

    Leaving a mess – In short, pick it up.  Think about this – you don’t like it when your teenage son leaves his room messy.  Right?  It’s the same issue, here.  Staging the house with pictures and furniture is a great idea.  But, if you leave a big mess in the kitchen – or any other room for that matter – it will make a negative impression, and they may just move on.  Your agent may try to tidy up before the walkthrough, which is a great deed on their part, but it’s unnecessary.  If you make sure there is no mess, you’ll allow your agent to worry about other things – like making sure they have what they need and not having to worry about the mess.

    Getting greedy – We know you want to get the best deal.  Your agent understands that, as well.  That’s why he or she has made sure they price the house based on current market value.  Just because the house down the street is priced higher doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  It’s also a mistake to keep looking for different offers.  The ones that come in will, more than likely, be in the same range.  Therefore, you probably won’t get offers much higher.  Rather than taking the gamble, which may not work in your favor, take the offer and move on.

    The Powell Group understands you’re excited.  But, relax.  We are here to help you get the best offer possible and we will guide you through the process.

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