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    Selling a house? Make sure you’re doing it correctly!

    So, you’re moving.  Congratulations!  You’ve found a new place, and you are getting ready to leave.

    But, wait!  What about your current house?  Are you selling it?  If so, there is a lot of information that you need to focus on.  Craig Donofrio from offers a lot of good tips.

    If you're selling your home, there are many things you need to consider
    If you’re selling your home, there are many things you need to consider

    Make sure your pictures are great-looking – not just good-looking.  Think of it in terms of a dating site.  Those that choose to use those sites make every intention of creating a page that advertises themselves well.  That often – and should – include pictures.  After all, if you don’t know what the person looks like, chances are you may be skeptical.

    Sure, looks aren’t everything, but ask anyone on those sites, and they will tell you that looks mean a lot.

    The same goes for selling your house online.  You want to create an atmosphere that is pleasing to the eye.  The neighborhood might be great, but if your pictures aren’t pleasing, you will give the impression that the house is not in good condition.  Doing so will not get you many buyers knocking on your door.

    Next, think of how the house – inside and outside – actually looks.  Is the garden nice and neat?  Are there potholes in the driveway?  Are the main rooms staged well?

    You may think these issues are trivial, but they aren’t.  Some roads and driveways in South Carolina still need a lot of attention – especially after the floods from October 2015.  Make sure your driveway is smooth and the street you live on is driveable.

    Also, staging is important.  You need to realize that buyers will want to have a look around your house – and not just in the living room.  You need to make sure that every room that a guest will use is clean and presentable.  Ask yourself, “Would I want to live here?”  If you think things needs to change, make them happen.  Make sure your bedroom is also presentable.  After all, if they buy the house, that room will be theirs.  Make sure it looks like something any owner would want.  If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, think back to looking at the model and follow that example.  Your house should look like a model that everyone would want to see.

    The third issue is personality.  Here in South Carolina, there are decorations you may not see in other parts of the country.  Make sure that those are put away before a buyer comes to the house.  The reason?  Neutrality.  We at The Powell Group get calls from people from New York, Virgina, California and everywhere in between.  Your job is to do everything you can to have future buyers focus on your house – not just you.  Extra decorations may distract them and could possibly lose you a buyer.

    Also, make sure that you are not intruding when a buyer comes.  In fact, you may want to leave the house for a while.  Your selling agent is a person you can trust, and he or she understands what you are looking for.  But, again, you need to be fair to the buyer.  Doing so may require you to leave because your presence and constant discussion about the house may make them nervous, which is never a good thing.

    Make sure your house is staged well to make a good impression to the buyer
    Make sure your house is staged well to make a good impression to the buyer

    You also want to abide by other people’s schedules.  Sure, after a long day at work, you may just want to relax at home.  But, the buyer can only see the house at night.  Are you going to turn them away just because you want to relax?  If so, you will surely lose another buyer.  You have to consider the fact that not everyone has the same schedule as you.  So, compromising a little might lead to a big sale.

    Lastly, think about your asking price.  Yes, the housing market has improved a great deal since 2008, and prices are on the rise.  However, do you your research.  You will find that the market in your area suggests – or even dictates – a certain price range.  Don’t go beyond it!

    In fact, realtors often suggest going somewhat below the market value.  Doing so will allow other buyers to see it when they look for houses.  After all, you know that people are looking online, and they will quite often set a price range for themselves.  Dropping your asking price now puts your house in their range and on their search list.  As a result, you will attract more customers.  If enough people become interested, they may start to fight for the house and offer more money since they want the house so much.  In doing so, you win because the price they offer may be exactly what you wanted in the first place.

    The Powell Group invites you to research what your home is worth before you sell it and make all the preparations.  We have all the information you need.  You can also look for your new dream home on our website once you decide to move.  Our team members are always here to answer all of your housing questions and concerns.

    (Pictures used by Flickr and Wikipedia)

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