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    Seller’s Market Approaching – Riding Out the Wave & Crash Into a Closing!

    Large cities nearby have, as most already know, moved into a sellers market.  Getting your home listed is just the beginning.  There’s plenty left to do – and avoid – to ensure your home makes it to the closing table with ease.  Here’s some great and helpful tips from local experts to help get your home sold quick, and at the right price.  

    1. Price to Sell
    There are many factors at work that come into play on deciding your initial list price: market inventory (just how many homes are currently listed), perceived vs. actual value (tax assessed value, etc.), surrounding comparable homes (how long on the market until it was sold, sold price, etc.), and others.  Dave Fry, of The Fry Group of Keller Williams Premier Realty in Minneapolis – St. Paul, says “The strategy we hear a lot – ‘We can always come down in price’ – can be a very costly one.  I understand no one wants to leave money on the table, but unfortunately this strategy does exactly that.”

    2. Don’t Get Booed off Stage
    Even the nicest, newest homes need TLC, says JD Esajian of FortuneBuilders.TV, a real estate investing website.  “People buy homes, not houses.  And staging makes a house a home,” he says.  As fabulous as your house may be, its your home.  Strategic staging offers prospective buyers visual potential that helps them picture their lives there – which can translate into and produce a sale.  “There is a small amount of buyers who are capable of imagining or visualizing, but most are not,” says Alison Sternfels, a 17 year Realtor® with Re/Max in Atlanta, GA.  She estimates that 60% – 70% of buyers need a little help to get their creative juices flowing to be able to imagine themselves in your home.  “Stagers have the expertise to make the most out of certain spaces in your home,” says Alison.


    3. Reel them in a the Curb
    “First impression is everything!,” says Jay O’Brien, managing partner and Realtor® with Re/Max Prestige of Anaheim Hills/Costa Mesa, CA.  “The exterior of your home is just as important as the inside.  Dead grass, untrimmed shrubs, wilting flowers, peeling paint – all these and more can immediately deter a buyer from even considering your home, before they even get through the front door!  No need to re-design your landscaping, but there are numerous, cost-effective improvements you can make that will drastically enhance the appeal to your property like a freshly landscaped yard, clean windows, and a tidy house!”


    4. Choose your Agent Wisely

    For all the above, your best counselor – and advocate – even if you have the nicest home on the block, will be your listing agent.  “It’s paramount to hire a Realtor® that you like, trust, and respect, ” says O’Brien, adding that even in a lively market, if you don’t match well with your listing agent, your sale could be adversely affected.  “The feeling must be mutual, or no working relationship should ever take place.”




    Use the list above, do your homework, and remember: Stay Humble.  These markets and others may be hot with activity, but selling your home is never a given or guarantee.  You and your Realtor® will still need to hustle to land the right buyer.

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