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    Science camp 4-H20 allows children to learn about water resources

    The end of school is right around the corner, and kids will be looking for things to do.  The Clemson University campus has just the thing for them – 4-H20 is a science camp that teaches children all about the state’s water resources.

    According to their website, “It is a water-based science camp that runs in more than 15 counties across South Carolina, allowing students an opportunity to learn and experience this state’s water resources first-hand.  4-H2O is a hands-on science inquiry program that provides children and adults with knowledge about their local water resources and teaches them the field, analytical and critical thinking skills they need to intelligently participate in making decisions that affect the quality of these aquatic systems.”

    According to their “About” page, children can learn about watersheds and identify water-life like invertebrates and fish.  They will also have the opportunity to learn fishing, canoeing and swimming.  The programs are designed to teach science while having fun.

    Come explore Clemson's 4-H20 science camp and learn about water resources
    Come explore Clemson’s 4-H20 science camp and learn about water resources

    For more information:
    Clemson Cooperative Extension
    Clemson University
    103 Barre Hall
    Clemson, SC 29634
    Phone: 864-656-9999

    The Powell Group invites you to explore this wonderful opportunity to teach our youth about water resources and science.  While in the area, you may also explore any of our available homes.

    (Picture used from Clemson and Carolina Clear)

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