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    Rainy Day Fun!

    According to the Weather Channel, it looks like we will have a rainy weekend ahead in

    the upstate. That will not stop us from having fun this weekend!


    When it is raining outside, we tend to isolate inside our homes and cuddle up for movie

    time which is relaxing. What if you made the rainy day a fun day? Below are a few ideas

    that I think will add some fun to your rainy day weekend.


    Movie Trivia:

    When you watch any movie, you can make a game out of it. For example, if you watch

    Finding Nemo or Finding Dory make a game to where each time Dory forgets something

    you have to make a family member give you a playing card and at the end of the movie

    whoever has the most playing cards wins. Or if you are a racing fanatic like myself every

    time there is a race in an action movie you have to pretend you are the driver of the race.

    Just goofy things that the family comes up with can turn into the best memories.

    finding dory








    Play in The Rain:

    If it is not thunder storming, get outside and play! We may take time outside for granted

    at times now that we have quick access to technology. Maybe put the electronics down

    and get outside and splash in puddles, play fetch with your pet, even play with a slip and

    slide in the rain. There are an endless amount of opportunities to play outside in the


    playing in the rain








    Break out the Board Games:

    Turn off the television and go back to basics with family bonding over board games.

    Monopoly is still a big hit in my home. We get very competitive over the game but what

    fun is it without some healthy competition! Board games can be a fun way to get

    everyone around a table and involved.








    Test your Culinary Skills:

    Make a family dinner with the household. Get everyone involved and in the kitchen! You

    may be thinking “Caitlin you are crazy, that is impossible.” Great news…it is not and

    cooking with the family can be quite fun. Create a 3-course meal and divide it into

    stations. One group makes an appetizer salad at the dining room table, and another

    group makes baked chicken and vegetables for the entrée, and the last group makes

    cookies or cupcakes for dessert. It is best to try to clean up as you cook. Yes, your

    kitchen will be a mess, but it will be worth it to grasp the memories of everyone coming

    together to create the family meal.









    If you all have any ideas that would be fun to do on a rainy day, please let me know! I

    want to see what cool traditions your family may have. I hope that you all enjoy the rainy days ahead!

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