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    Preparing Your Home for Sale on a Budget

    home for sale

    It is not always necessary to spend a ton of money when prepping your house for the market.  A few simple, quick improvements can go a long way and make a huge difference in the way a potential buyer may see your home.

    It’s March!  The real estate market is heating up and there are a lot of eager buyers and sellers who are ready to see what’s out there.  So sellers, let’s give your home a fresh, modern makeover, without breaking your piggy bank.

    Let’s start with your home’s curb appeal.  Most sellers tend to concentrate solely on the interior of their homes.  But what do they see first?  Your impeccable and polished hardwood floors?  No.  They see the yard, driveway, front porch, and if all of that is unkempt,  most buyers are immediately turned off by the property.  Pulling weeds and trimming hedges costs nothing and shouldn’t take up much of a Saturday.  Start early in the morning while its nice and cool outside.  Now, if your yard is an eyesore, you might want to look into invest in some more expensive landscaping.  As always, before you take on a big project, consider how much the job will cost versus how much value it will add to your home.

    When selling your home today, it’s important to keep to simplicity throughout your house.  Potential buyers want to walk in and be able to envision their daily lives in the space.  Try to keep toys put away, clutter to a minimum, and your accents neutral.  If you have a bright pink playroom, grab a gallon of beige or antique white paint at your nearest Sherwin Williams and give those walls a fresh coat.  Rearrange your furniture.  I know it sounds a little strange, but think about the baskets of magazines you have beside your recliner, or your husbands necessity to sit directly in front of the television.  Where this is functional for your family, it may not be for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  If you have a nice big window in your family room, try to frame your furniture around that natural light.  No windows?  Try to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere by removing extra, bulky furniture pieces and create a balance on either side of your space.

    Thrift stores do indeed have hidden gems.  If you are not the type that needs to de-clutter but, instead needs to spruce up your home’s decor, you don’t have to empty your wallet to do so.  Consider taking a trip to some local thrift stores, yard sales, or even flea markets.  These places are great for sellers who are on a tight budget.  However, most of these places will be filled to the max with items for sale.  So go with a mission; If you need only pieces for the living room, stay on tract with that and concentrate solely on that one room.  Another great thing about shopping at local thrift stores, is that most of them are non-profit and give back to your community.  It’s a great way to get what you need, while giving back at the same time.

    Get your green on!  Plants and flowers can bring rooms to life, but you don’t have to spend $100 at the florist.  Instead take a walk down your driveway or in your neighborhood and check for fresh blooms or wildflowers.  Check out what these savvy savers created without stepping outside of their yard.

    So you’ve planted some mums by the front door, trimmed the hedges, cleaned the floors, and painted the walls.  Now go hire yourself a Realtor® and get that beauty on the market! 


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