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    Plants your Deer Neighbors Will Avoid


    There’s nothing worse than spending your entire Saturday planting your new spring garden, than waking up the next day to find Bambi has eaten it all!  This list gives you multiple options of plants and flowers that hungry deer tend to steer clear of.

    1.  French Marigolds
    french marigold    – These pretty flowers come in a variety of fun and bright colors and tend to bloom over a long season.

    2.  Rosemary
          rosemary   – A wonderful herb with many uses.  Plant to grow for use in your family dinner dishes, or use as an ornamental plant.  This is a great one for those without a green thumb, as rosemary is super easy to grow without much maintenance and actually can suffer from too much attention.

    3.  Fountain Grass
    fountain-grass   – These big, fluffy bushes add great greenery to your landscaping.  Be sure to plant where they can have plenty of room to grow.

    4.  Hens & Chicks
    hensandchicks    – These pretty ornamental succulents are great if you want to add some color to your garden.  They tolerate shade and sun.

    5.  Sea Holly
    sea holly   – These flowering plants produce a shimmering metallic blue flower that stand about 4 foot tall.  Sea Holly is loved by butterflies and is a very tough plant tolerant of drought.

    6.  Verbena
    Verbena 1 plant  – These plants are pretty, but still leave deer in question.  They put off a texture or smell animals try to avoid.

    7.  Lambs Ear
          lambs-ear2    – A wonderful green plant whose fuzzy leaves, tend to keep Bambi away


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