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    Organizers will love these pantry ideas

    Those that love to be organized – “Type A” personalities if you will – will love the idea of using the pantry in a more orderly fashion.  Cyndy Aldred from The Creativity Exchange discusses her ideas in Better Homes and Gardens.

    Open pantries is just one method to organize all of your belongings
    Open pantries are just one method to organize all of your belongings
    • A walk-in pantry is a perfect idea for those who have the availability.  All those shelves can be used to store your small items and other knick-knacks in a neat-and-tidy fashion
    • Those that don’t have walk-in pantries can create the same concept with open shelves putting baskets of your choosing to add a flair to your home
    • You can also get creative by transforming existing cabinets with pull-out shelves to create more storage space

    The Powell Group invites you to think up new and exciting ways to organize your space.  Our team members are here to answer all of your questions and concerns.

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