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    Open houses during Thanksgiving? Absolutely!

    You may think that having an open house during the Thanksgiving holiday is a bad idea because people are more focused on the Turkey dinner, family and festivities.  But, that isn’t necessarily true.

    According to Forbes, there are several reasons to consider it.

    1. After your special dinner with friends and family, and the tradition that has become “Black Friday”, you still have two whole days before most of us have to go back to work.  During those two days, many people are starting to wind down and relax.  This is the perfect time for an open house.  You already have your house up for sale.  Plus, you know you want to get it sold before the Christmas rush and the first sign of ice and snow, which will surely make it more difficult for people to travel to your home.  Put away the food and the decorations, and get ready for many interested buyers.
    2. It is safe to assume that the people who come to your open house are interested buyers.  While some people will turn their attention to the holidays, many others want to make sure they have their new home by the first of the year.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to meet and greet people that others might ignore.
    3. Because sellers may want to sell their house before the end of the year, many buyers can take advantage of this opportunity.  During Thanksgiving weekend, many people will go to popular stores to take advantage of certain “Black Friday” deals.  But, that means there is ample opportunity for you to skip the long lines and get a jump on buying your new dream home.  It’s a win-win situation.  You’re interested in buying a new home and move in by the beginning of the year, and the seller wants to sell the house and move into their dream home.
    4. Having the open house during Thanksgiving weekend is a great opportunity to get a jump on the other sellers.  Typically, people wait after the holidays are over to put their house on the market.  While they may eventually sell the house, they also have to compete with other people doing the same thing.  But, it’s true what they say — “the early bird gets the worm.”  By having the open house over the Thanksgiving weekend, you take advantage of the people who are enjoying some down time over the long weekend.  In addition, you beat the other sellers to the punch by putting your house on the market, and showcasing it, before the majority of sellers do the same.

    As always, holiday time is important to share with family, friends and loved ones.  However, getting a jump on the housing market can help sellers sell their house,  and it can also help buyers get their dream home by the first of the year.  If you’re willing to put in the effort to make it happen over Thanksgiving weekend, you will see the rewards quickly.

    Happy Thanksgiving from The Powell Group!

    By Jason Michaels

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