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    New ideas for the new addition to your family

    Whether it’s you or someone you know, you may know of someone who is about to have a baby.  Have you started on the new nursery yet?  If not, we have some great tips.

    Creating a gender-neutral nursery with several other colors will help expose your baby to what's waiting to be explored
    A gender-neutral nursery with several colors will introduce your baby to a whole new world

    Firstly, keep it gender neutral.  You may know the gender of the baby.  However, unless you are planning to only have one child, you won’t know what you’re having until that time comes – and it may be a different gender than your first little one.

    Instead, you can also use different colors.  The use of several colors will help your baby get used to the different spectrum he or she will experience once the baby is exposed to the real world.  Getting a jump start will surely help.

    Lastly, keep it functional within your space.  Whether you have a big or small nursery, you’ll still need certain items within the room to keep at hand.  Therefore, it may be necessary to bring in a new chest of drawers or even build some shelves on the wall.  Doing so in advance will help you prepare for the big day.

    The Powell Group understands that making room for your new addition can be a big adjustment, and our team members are here to answer all of your housing questions.

    If you are in the market for a bigger house to fit everyone, you may also look at our website to view all of our available homes in the area.

    Welcome home!

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