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    Make your bedroom your own personal space

    Your bedroom is the one area of your home in which you should feel the most comfortable.  After all, it is where you rest.  HGTV has some tips than can help you change things around.

    Keep your bedroom simple
    Keep your bedroom simple
    1. Use warm colors.  Since your bedroom is where you go to relax, it should have a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.  Colors can greatly affect your mood, so choose one that helps you unwind.  Coral, cream or cocoa can help, but avoid colors like orange and red, which will stimulate the senses.
    2. Positioning is important.  In terms of Feng Shui, you should move the bed as far away from the door as possible.  Putting your bed in the opposite corner is best.  It will help you stay safe but also keep the bed far enough from the door.  But, keeping it out of alignment will help you sleep.
    3. Go for those curves.  When choosing corners – such as a nightstand – go for the one with curved corners.  Sharp corners can create a negative space.  Additionally, don’t put too many things on your nightstand.  A clock, a lamp a couple of books or a plant are really all you need.  Too much clutter can also add to the negative space.
    4. The idea of less clutter should be applied to the rest of the bedroom.  Too much can be seen as negative energy and “unfinished business.”  It can also hold memories of things you may have been thinking of getting rid of.  Don’t hold on to things you don’t need.
    5. Tune out everything else.  As stated above, your bedroom is where you should relax.  Keeping your phone, other electronics or your work in your bedroom will just remind you of everything that you wanted to get away from.  So, keep it all in another room.  If you need your TV time, keep it in a cabinet with a door so you can block it while you sleep.
    6. For couples – or singles who are about to become part of a couple – add an extra end-table to the other side of the bed.  You can also add art pieces or flower vases to each side of the room to create an aura of pairs.
    7. Consider your art.  Your favorite painting, art piece or any other thing that inspires or relaxes you should be the last thing you see before you close your eyes.  Place them opposite or close to your bed.  If your bedroom leads to a master bathroom, consider closing the door or covering up the space with a screen.  All of these ideas will help promote positive space.
    8. Lighting is key.  You may want to invest in blinds or other window coverings to block out the sun – especially if you want to sleep in.  When it comes to artificial light, balance is key.  You want to have enough light to read your favorite book, but you also want it to be soft enough to sleep more easily.  Light directed downward from track-lighting can help.  However, controlling your lights with a dimmer is most beneficial because you can control the level of light you need for your space.
    9. Appeal to your other senses.  Your bedroom should be your sanctuary that pleases more than your sight.  Your favorite candles or aromatherapy can accompany your favorite soft music and tastes.  The combination will only add to a great slumber.
    To allow for peaceful slumber, don't allow too much clutter
    To allow for peaceful slumber, don’t allow too much clutter

    The Powell Group is here to help with all your housing needs.  Our team members can assist you in creating your bedroom the way you want in your dream home.

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