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    Looking for a new house? Check out the neighborhood

    You’re ready to move, and you’re excited.  But, do you know about the area around the house?

    Knowing about your new house is a great thing.  But, if the neighborhood leaves questions, will it be worth it?  Chances are the answer is no.  The Powell Group has a list of things that are of interest to many people when searching in a new neighborhood.

    Anderson, SC is a beautiful neighborhood with lots to do
    Anderson, SC is a beautiful neighborhood with lots to do
    1. Look inside the grocery stores in your neighborhood.  Just because there’s a store you like doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like this one.  After all, while some chains pride themselves on good service, it doesn’t mean that particular location will give the same level of service you are used to.  Do a trial run and see if you like it.  If you move there, you’ll be shopping there.
    2. Restaurants are a good indicator of the neighborhood.  High-end neighborhoods will feature fancy restaurants while the other side of town will feature your usual fast food places.  You can also check online reviews to see what food they serve and what the staff is like.

      Many people gather at the Anderson County Farmers market to buy great food and socialize
      Many people gather at the Anderson County Farmer’s market to buy great food and socialize
    3. Coffee shops have become a staple of Americana.  But, the type of shop you’ll see depends on the neighborhood.  The higher-end ones will be in the more affluent neighborhood and closer to fine-dining restaurants.
    4. Those that love organic food will surely want to visit the local farmers market.  Finding one with a lot of people may mean they gather there often.  It’s a great way to meet folks and get a heads-up on the neighborhood.
    5. Good parks are also a sign of high-end neighborhoods.  Those that love organic food are often fond of environmental issues and events, which are found in these areas.  Visit the local park to breathe in the scenery and enjoy the people around you.

    The Powell Group invites you to explore your potentially new neighborhood to make sure you will love where you live.  Our team members have all your housing questions.

    Those that are looking at the Western Upstate of South Carolina can log on to our website and view our beautiful available homes.  We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

    (Picture used from Anderson County website)

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