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Littering-control will help keep our area beautiful

Littering has become a problem in our area, and our governor has done something about it.  According to Nikie Mayo of the Anderson Independent Mail, Gov. Nikki Haley issued a proclamation stating April is Zero Tolerance for Littering in our state.

Littering will cost you a hefty fine and police will be enforcing it during April's No Tolerance Month
Littering will cost you a hefty fine and police will be enforcing it during April’s No Tolerance Month

Anderson County Solid Waste Manager Greg Smith said, “There needs to be a cultural change”, and he is right.  There are times when people litter our beautiful streets and neighborhoods.

While some may not realize they are doing so, it is still a problem.  Did you know that throwing a used cigarette butt out of your car window is considered littering, and it can also cost you a hefty fine? If not, think twice before throwing it out.  It takes just a couple of seconds to put it out in your car’s ashtray, which always can be emptied out when you park.

According to Smith, the fine in Anderson County can be as much as $1,093, and it varies by county.  So, it might be worth it to be more conscientious of our beautiful area. Smith also knows that people don’t like to wait until the dump is re-opened.  However, a little patience might just save you some green.

The Powell Group encourages you to do your part to keep our streets, neighborhoods and homes beautiful.  Our team members are also here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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