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    Let’s Get Crafty For Summertime!

    Most of our South Carolina summer nights are filled with lightning bugs, a nice breeze and best of all bonfires! firepitFor those that prefer a more controlled environment a fire pit is a fun way to light up the night with friends and family. While a lot of people may think that fire pits are an expensive add on to an outdoor kitchen, most people see it as a simple DIY project to spruce up their backyard.

    These simple fire pits are great and easy to make. I made one with my parents at their home and it took us roughly 3 hours from start to finish. It was well worth the time spent! Start by choosing a location (could be right off the back porch, near the drive way or somewhere in the yard that you want to make an outdoor seating area), then find a brick or paver that you like (the amount you need will vary depending on the size of the fire pit and the number of layers you desire), and finally grab a shovel. Dig deep enough to remove the topsoil around the edge of where you will be laying the bricks also dig deep enough to leave a depression in the center. Lay the first layer of bricks and offset it slightly for the second layer. Try experimenting with bigger or smaller bricks or even different colors or shapes. This is YOUR PROJECT for YOUR YARD, make it what YOU want! Once it is all set and done grab your friends and family and of course items to make s’mores and enjoy your newly built DIY fire pit! Photo Credit to Pinterest and DIY Fun Ideas ( Check out my Pinterest board for more fun home ideas at ( If you all have any questions on this specific project or any future blog ideas let me know! I want to know what you all want to see! Shoot me an e-mail at I can’t wait to see what ideas come my way!



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