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    Last Minute Fourth Of July Ideas!

    July 4th is just around the corner. Some of you may be thinking “oh my gosh I am no where near ready!” Well I have a few helpful solutions for you. We will discuss two wonderful yet easy recipes, two DIY quick and easy decorations and two tips that will make your backyard party smooth sailing!


    -Salsa with Blue Corn Tortilla Chips: Salsa is a light refreshing appetizer to enjoy on a hot July day. I like to make this homemade salsa for the 4th of July (I use the All Recipes Recipe which I will attach in a link below) with yellow and blue corn tortilla chips to get the red, white, and blue effect. It is always a hit and it is pretty too. Fresh Mild Salsa Recipe-Flag Cheese Cake: Ever since Pillsbury came out with the pre-made cheesecake filling I have been cheating on my homemade cheesecakes. So with that being said I use the pre-made cheesecake filling in a 9×11 pan. Start with a layer of crumbled up graham crackers and butter mixed together, then layer on your cheesecake filling, top with blueberries and strawberries in any design you wish, refrigerate for roughly 30 minutes and enjoy! It is so simple and delicious.Quick and Easy DIY Decorations

    -Popsicle Stick Flags: These could be used as coasters, center pieces candle holders or even a banner. This is a fun and quick craft to do with the kids and family. You can buy a pack of popsicle sticks from any of your hobby/arts store along with red, white, and blue paint some brushes and you are ready to go! Follow this link for a nice tutorial.  Popsicle Stick Flag Tutorial-Patriotic Garland: This simple and easy project is fun and beautiful! Supplies needed for this project are very inexpensive, I purchased dollar plastic table cloths from Dollar Tree 1 red, 1 blue, and 1 white, and used what I had laying around the house for the main string which was red fishing line. Measure your front porch railing in length and then add 8 inches to each side for tying this off to your porch. Then cut each tablecloth into strip sizes of your choice. They can be random or all the same size and just tie a simple double knot onto the fishing line to where your access table cloth strip hangs, and keep that process going until you have the fishing line full to each 8 inch section. Once it is complete it will look something like this:

    Tips to Remember When Throwing a Backyard Party

    -Always know a round about head count: This will allow you to know how much food you need, how much seating will be used, and how many guest you need to keep entertained. Sometimes get togethers can get out of hand with the amount of people. So just make sure there is ample seating and enough food to feed an army.

    -Be able to delegate tasks to friends or family: In my opinion if you are throwing a party of 20 or more DELEGATE! Yes the party may have been your idea but whether you want to admit it or not, you are not super man. Have someone help you set the tables and decorations or any other tasks you have on your plate. It will take so much stress off of your shoulders with time frame and tasks to be done if something as simple as setting a table is handled by someone else. It is a sigh of relief to have helping hands so do not be afraid to ask.


    All in all I hope you have enjoyed this article and please everyone have a SAFE and FUN holiday weekend! Use these tips as helping hands and make your party a success! Be sure to let me know of any awesome holiday ideas you all might have. I look forward to hearing them! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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