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    Last minute decorations for Christmas? No problem

    Your Christmas decorations are up, and you’re ready to celebrate with your family.  But wait!  Some older decorations have worn out and keep falling on the floor.

    Don’t worry.  You’re covered.

    There are many local stores that have decorations.  However, stores like Michaels’ have websites that describe many Christmas projects.  These projects explain everything you need to create your own ornaments.  They also explain the different steps you need to take in order to create them.

    The projects range in price.  However, many of them are inexpensive.  So, you will be able to easily afford the materials and recreate these childhood memories for your family’s Christmas tree.

    We at the Powell Group wish you a Merry Christmas.

    (Picture used from as linked above)

    By Jason Michaels


    One of the many ornaments you can create yourself
    One of the many ornaments you can create yourself

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