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    Kitchen items may need extra cleaning

    Your kitchen is like your laboratory.  You love to experiment with different foods and ingredients.  While you may be creating some great tasting meals, make sure you also do a thorough job of cleaning.  Things that look clean may also contain a lot of germs.  We at the Powell Group have a great list of tips for you.

    Keeping your kitchen clean will ensure food safety
    Keeping your kitchen clean will ensure food safety
    1. Your kitchen sponge is great for cleaning your dishes and counters.  But, it also holds on to germs.  Throwing it away quickly can get expensive.  So, try cleaning it in a dishwasher.  You can also put it in the microwave for about a minute, which will eradicate those offending germs.
    2. A cutting board is also home to a lot of germs.  After all, you chop raw meat on it.  Those cuts can hide germs that you thought were gone.  Don’t just wipe the board.  Use some disinfectant that will ensure your food will be safe when cutting.
    3. Your refrigerator can be notorious for germs – especially if you have open food containers.  Make sure everything is sealed and nothing seeps out.  Otherwise, you could have a problem.  To rectify the issue, use a shelf liner or something to cover your shelf if you are unsure about the security of the container.
    4. Lastly, make sure you clean your countertop vigorously.  After all, many things – such as bags, jars, boxes and food go on it.  Disinfect it every day to ensure food safety.

    The Powell Group encourages you to practice safety in your kitchen.  With colder weather coming, make sure your kitchen is germ-proof.  If you have any other housing questions, our team members have your answers.

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