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Important Information That Agents Wish Buyers Knew

Purchasing a home can be a fun and scary process. There are things that we as the agent do not know about you the customer and vice versa. What we want to create from the first contact is a way to have a client level relationship. Today I am going to open a door to information that we as agents want you all to know. If you feel as if there are things you would like us to know please let me know below in the comments.

  • Be Prepared For a Long Haul: Sometimes selling or buying a home can take longer than you expect. Be prepared to work with your patience. It takes time to make your dreams come true so sit back and let us help make those dreams a reality.
  • 100% Financing Does Not Mean That There Are No Cost In The Home Purchase Process: If you get approved for 100 percent financing that is wonderful! However there are still costs involved such as home inspections, deed fees, and other minor purchases.
  • Once You Are Pre-Approved Do NOT Obtain Extra Debt: You are about to partake in one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, however it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. One thing that can take away the opportunity to purchase is if you are creating more debt while you are under contract. A deal can be taken away at the closing table due to income so always be aware of the money you are spending while under contract.

These small facts hold a lot of impact in the home purchasing or selling process. We hope that your home buying and selling journey is wonderful. The Powell Group is always here for your real estate needs. Give us a call anytime we can be of assistance.

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