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    If you have pets, you may need to take some extra steps when moving

    Congratulations!  You’ve found your new dream house.  While you may be excited about the move, your pet may not be so keen on the idea.  But, there are steps you can take to help your little one get ready.

    Make sure you take care of your pets' needs when moving
    Make sure you take care of your pets’ needs when moving

    Firstly, stay calm.  Animals have a keen sense of emotions.  So, if you’re tense, they’ll pick up on it and become just as tense – if not more.  So, just relax and make sure everything is handled when it should be.

    Next, update your information.  Remember that tag around your furry friend’s neck?  That will have to be updated with your new address and phone number.  Think of it as the I.D. card.

    You should also talk to your veterinarian.  You’ll want all the health records and vaccinations updated so it will be an easier transition when you bring your buddy to the new doctor.

    When you get to your new home, realize that your pet may need time to adjust to the new place.  After all, you’ve just taken them out of the place they were used to.  While you’re excited, they may not be as enthused.  Dogs are known to be curious and may check out the new place quickly.  Cats, on the other hand, may want to stick to the room they were placed in at first and may only walk around if you are near them.  So, be patient.  They’ll come around, too.

    The Powell Group encourages you to take your pets into consideration when you move.  They may not know what is going on at first, and you may need to take it slow in order for them to get used to your new home.

    If you have pets and are thinking about moving, have a look at our website where you can view all of our available homes in the area.  Our team members are here to answer all of your questions and concerns about the big day.

    (Picture used from Pixabay)

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