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    Housing bubble movie will not be “short” of information

    “The Big Short” with Steve Carrell comes out this Friday, Dec. 11.  The movie’s subject is the housing bubble that burst in the late 2000’s.  When a group of friends realize that the economy and housing market are collapsing, they decide to take on the “big banks” and associated businesses.

    Rated “R”, this movie, which is not “kid-friendly”,  will give viewers some insight as to the events leading up to one of the biggest housing market collapses in history. It may also arm future home buyers and sellers with information about how they can do their own homework and protect themselves.

    The Powell Group is here to assist our local community and make sure that the people we serve have a pleasant experience in buying and selling their homes.

    By Jason Michaels

    The Big Short



    Chart showing the housing prices from 1970 - 2008
    Chart showing the housing prices from 1970 – 2008

    (Movie poster used from

    (Housing Chart used from Business Insider)

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