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    House Warming Party Hors D’oeuvres

    You have just moved in to your new home, congratulations! Now it is time to invite friends and family over to see your beautiful new accomplishment. I am a fan of light hors d’oeuvres at events such as these. Here are three simple yet delicious ideas for your house warming get together.

    1. Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pinwheels– It is a twist on the classic deli pinwheels but in my opinion taste much better. I like to use the Pillsbury recipe for this specific tasty treat because who doesn’t love Pillsbury biscuit dough. Follow this link to see the full recipe from ( pinwheels
    2. Sausage and Rotel Queso– This is one of my personal favorites that I make all of the time. I learned this from my neighbor about 6 years ago and it is amazing.


    • Take 4 packages of low fat cream cheese ( I have noticed that the low fat melts easier) and put it in a sauce pan on medium heat. Once the cream cheese is starting to melt add in 2 cans (one drained, one not) of “diced green chili and tomatoes.” I normally use rotel but you can use which ever brand you prefer. In a small skillet brown ground hot sausage and once the sausage is cooked completely, add it to the cream cheese and tomatoes mixture. Once it is all thoroughly mixed together place it in a serving bowl with tortilla chips and enjoy!rotel
    1. Summer Fun Fruit Punch- This is something my mother and I make for any of our house party events. It is very simple and delicious.
    • Take one liter of Sprite or 7-UP whichever you prefer. Half of a gallon of orange or raspberry sherbet (I prefer the raspberry) and any type of red fruit juice. I normally use cranberry juice but you can use whatever your heart desires. Mix these three ingredients together and enjoy!sherbert punch

    These three items will for sure get your party going and will keep your guests wanting more. I hope you enjoy any of these recipes and have fun in your new home!


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