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    House-Guest Prep Checklist

    Make out of town visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and maybe even a little bit pampered.

    1. Have a Spare Key Made
      Tell company where the key will be hidden (if they are arriving while you are out) or hand it over when they get there, so they aren’t              ringing the door bell waiting to be let inside on these cold winter days.
    2. Make Up the Bed with Clean Sheets
      If you have a guest room, freshen up its linens.
    3. Test the Air Mattress
      If your “guest-room”  is a blown up air mattress in the living room, check it before your company arrives.  Wouldn’t want them sinking        to the floor from a small hole somewhere.  Inflate it, and vacuum the surface to clear dust away.
    4. Gather Extra Pillows & Blankets
      Guests may be used to sleeping with more pillows, so an extra set is not a bad idea.  Fold an extra blanket on the end of the bed for                chillier nights.
    5. Make Room in a Closet
      If there is a closet in your guest room, make sure it’s not stuffed full and overflowing with wrapping paper.  Make some space so your            visitors can comfortably tuck their clothes away without wondering if something is going to jump out at them.

    These are just a few little things you can do to help be prepared for your visitors.  Bake some cookies when you know they will be arriving and the house will smell like a delicious bakery!


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