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    Homeowners are looking at “super pantries”

    When buying a home, many people put a priority on the look of the house, its size, the neighborhood and even the local school system.  But, all too often there is one thing that people forget — storage space.  Pantries are a great way to store anything you want to put aside when needed.  However, the size of the pantry often is not big enough to fit all of your essentials.

    Enter the “super pantry”.

    Melissa Kossler Dutton of the Associated Press wrote an article about “super pantries” that appeared in the Nov. 28 issue of the “The Greenville News”.  She wrote about a family named The Keller’s who wanted a big enough pantry for their needs.  “The Keller’s new ‘super pantry’ is a walk-in, with plenty of quality shelving to store drinks, trash bags and other household goods bought in bulk,” Dutton said.  “One shelf is dedicated to snacks for the grandchildren.  A small door connects it to the garage, so groceries can be unloaded easily…In a recent survey (by the American Institute of Architects in Washington, D.C.), 43 percent of residential architects reported that customers placed an increased emphasis on pantry space.”

    The need for space is nothing new.  Even if you don’t have fine china that may be used on special occasions, most people use a toaster and a coffee pot on a daily basis.  Sure, you could use the kitchen counter.  However, it is then often necessary to push the toaster and coffee pot aside when preparing meals.

    The “super pantry” alleviates the need for that.  With a bigger pantry, you will have all the storage space you need to store your items, which will give you ample counter space to prepare all your meals.  It will also allow you to put away all those extra items that you didn’t have space for, which will allow you to de-clutter your living space giving you a cleaner look to your home.

    By Jason Michaels

    (Picture used from from the article “‘Super’ pantries taking over floor plans”)

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