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    Helpful hints if you need repairs

    Every homeowner has a problem they need to fix now and then or a job they may find cumbersome.  But, before you call your local repair person, there are things you should know.  This list can get you out of an unneeded jam.

    Take steps before you call your repair person
    Take steps before you call your repair person
    1. If you have a relatively small problem, there may not even be a need for him or her.  Your local hardware and home store may be able to give you the tools and instructions you need to fix it yourself.  Of course, this will save you a lot of money.  It will also let you realize that the job you thought was too big is one you can do on your own.
    2. However, if you do need to call someone, make sure you communicate the problem in detail before he or she gets there.  It is imperative that you go over the details as soon as possible.  Doing so will let the repair person understand exactly what’s going on.  It’s also another way to save money because he or she may be working by the hour.
    3. Clean up the area that the repair person will work in.  Again, he or she may work by the hour, so the less time they have to spend tidying up and preparing, the more money will go back into your pocket.

    The Powell Group encourages you to research repair jobs, and we can guide you to local businesses that will help you.  Our team members are also here to answer all of your questions and concerns.

    If you are new to the Western Upstate of South Carolina, we invite you to log on to our website to view all of our available homes.  We are sure you will find what you are looking for.

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