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    Happy Pi(e) Day!

    Today is Mar. 14, which many call Pi Day in honor of the mathematical term used to calculate the radius and circumference of circles.  However, we at the Powell Group are taking this opportunity to share information about the traditional (and edible) pie.

    Pies are one of the favorite desserts people love to eat.  Whether they eat at restaurants or cook up their own in their beautiful kitchen, pies are loved by just about everyone.

    Better Homes and Gardens has put together a list of America’s favorite pies.  Whether it’s the traditional cherry pie, lemon meringue or a fancier pie like caramel-pecan silk, there is a pie out there for every kind of taste.

    Celebrate Pi Day with your favorite pie
    Celebrate Pi Day with your favorite pie

    The Powell Group invites one and all to celebrate this festive occasion with your favorite type of pie.  If you are cooking in your kitchen, these recipes will definitely make you and your loved ones smile from the inside.

    Our team members are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

    Happy eating!

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