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    Happy National Arbor Day!

    As many of us know, Arbor Day is a national celebration of our land’s trees.  Although some states celebrate the day during different parts of the year – for example, South Carolina celebrates it during the first week of December as noted by USC Upstate – it is important to take note of this special day.  After all, trees help produce oxygen, which allows to breathe.

    It is important to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of Arbor Day, and suggests several ways to do so.

    Help celebrate Arbor Day by learning about different tree like South Carolina's State Tree the Palmetto Tree
    Help celebrate Arbor Day by learning about different trees like South Carolina’s State Tree the Palmetto
    • Plant a tree to increase oxygen in the air
    • Search for big trees or the oldest tree in your neighborhood
    • Write a story about a tree
    • Read about trees – especially your state’s tree
    • Help clean up your neighborhood park

    While Arbor Day comes once-per-year, it is important to understand year-round why trees are so important to us.

    The Powell Group invites you to gather information about trees around your home and neighborhood.  Our team members are here to answer your questions about your area.

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