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    Halloween decorations don’ts

    If you’re selling your house, there are definitely some decorations you should not put up around your house.  The Powell Group at Keller Williams of the Western Upstate of South Carolina has some suggestions of what not to display.

    First and foremost, don’t put anything denoting blood and gore.  Although there are zombie-lovers over recent years, now is not the time to celebrate your fandom.  While you may like those shows, keep in mind that you want to sell your house.  You don’t want to scare anyone with little kids away.  It’s an instant dealbreaker.

    Fake blood is definitely another no-no.  Buyers may look at this “decoration” in different ways.  Don’t make the mistake of putting fake blood up in your neighborhood.  The news shows enough stories.  Don’t add to the problem and scare off buyers.

    Don't add too many decorations if you are selling your house
    Don’t add too many decorations if you are selling your house

    Old pumpkins are just not a good idea.  While everyone loves a jack-o-lantern, no one wants to see a rotting pumpkin.  It looks bad, and it may be odorous as well.

    Too many decorations are also a bad idea.  A plethora of lights and other baubles may look decorative.  But, if you’re selling your house, focus on the house.  Remember, you want to make sure the buyer knows what it will look like after everything is gone and they move in.  Less is definitely more.

    The Powell Group encourages you to decorate wisely if you are selling your home.  Our team members are here to help you along the way.

    If you are moving within the Western Upstate, log on to our website and look at all of our available homes.  We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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