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    Going Christmas shopping? Make sure you account for traffic

    Every year, people go to their local shopping centers eager to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones.  However, during the same time period, local news reports on several car accidents.

    People don’t always remember that there are lines of traffic going in and out of the shopping centers.  As a result, they often get hurt.  Shoppers are either in a rush to get to their destination or they don’t pay as much attention as they should.

    Greenville’s WYFF, the local NBC affiliate, reports that 30,000 cars travel one of the city’s busiest streets – Woodruff Rd. – every day.  However, during the holiday season, that number greatly increases.  When you add the amount of cars on Woodruff Road to its width, you can be sure that this time of year will certainly bring bumper-to-bumper traffic during the busy shopping periods.

    Anderson’s Clemson Blvd. is the same way.  Every Saturday, the stretch around the Anderson Mall is often mauled with traffic.  During the holiday season, the number of cars increases, which only raises the possibility of getting into an accident.

    Please stay safe!

    We at The Powell Group understand the excitement of shopping for your loved ones and making sure they get the gifts they want.  But, you can make sure it is done safely by taking extra time.  We understand that many people have their own schedules that they need to stick to.  However, we also want to see our local community enjoy the holidays in a manner that is safe.  Please allow for extra time on the roads.

    If you have any questions or concerns, we at The Powell Group can help.

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    By Jason Michaels

    Anderson Mall in Anderson, SC
    Anderson Mall in Anderson, SC

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