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    Go Wild at The Greenville Zoo!

    IMG_1032 IMG_1021When the summer comes around we automatically think: Summer sun, vacations, no school for the kid’s and for those of us who work 9-5, how we wish we were back in school to enjoy this break. Well lucky for us 9-5 folks we can still have fun! I was very excited to see what the Greenville Zoo had to offer.

    The entry pricing is as follows: Adults – $9.00, children ages 3-15 – $5.75,and children under the age of 2 are free. You are given a map at the front entrance but I put my map in my back pack and walked without it. I wanted the thrill of not knowing what was coming next. I don’t want to give the full run down of each animal exhibit because you all have to have something to look forward to, but here were my top 3 favorite exhibits:


    • The red pandas! If you have never seen a red panda you will fall in love they are gorgeous.
    • Next up the Leopard. I don’t know about you all but I have only seen leopards on television so it was pretty awesome to see one in person!
    • And last but not least the “farm” petting zoo. We see these at almost every zoo, but it is still cool to be able to interact, pet, and feed the farm animals.

    All in all if you want to have a fun date, or a small family outing take the trip to Greenville and visit the zoo it will be worth your money and the smiles that come out of it are priceless. Below is the link to the zoo, here you will find out more about pricing, hours, attractions and directions. I hope you all enjoyed this post, now get out there and have some fun!


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    • Priscilla

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      Thanks. I didn’t even know there was a zoo in Greenville. I will spread the word. I know my niece and nephew who live close would love to go!! 🙂 Thanks!


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