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Family Dinners for Your Guest


I always get a kick out of Elf each year, and this year he is making a wonderful point… Family and friends are here for the holidays. During this time of year we love to host family and friends in our home. However, when you are hosting a large number of people leading up to the holidays it gets expensive and extensive to cook for everyone. Below you will find a few recipes that are inexpensive, feed a large number, and are delicious!

  • Shepherds Pie: Shepherd’s pie has many different forms, lamb, sausage, or beef. This particular recipe calls for beef it serves 6 happily and if you have more than 6 I would double it up and then you have the potential to have leftovers the following day. This meal will cost roughly $35 dollars depending on the grocery store. I love to look ahead in store bulletins for buy one get one free deals. Follow this wonderful recipe at
  • Chili: You can never go wrong with chili. I love classic traditional chili. It feeds a lot and is inexpensive to make. The recipe I chose comes from the Food Network website and is a Ree Drummond recipe. This recipe yields 6-8 which is normally more than enough because chili goes a long way. This will only cost you about $25 at the top end. If you do not have some of the seasonings and can not go without them you are looking at about an additional $10. However, that is still very reasonable. Follow this recipe here.
  • Baked Ziti: This recipe is simple and delicious. It yields 12 so it is perfect for a large family meal. This recipe will cost you roughly $30. Follow this lovely recipe here.

I hope that you all have wonderful holidays. If you have any ideas of recipes please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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