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    Fall is a great time to buy a house

    Although any time of the year is a great time to buy a house, fall just might be the best time of year.  The Powell Group at Keller Williams of the Western Upstate of South Carolina wants to share several reasons why this time of year is so wonderful.

    Fall is the perfect time to search for your dream home
    Fall is the perfect time to search for your dream home

    First, there aren’t as many people looking for homes.  The summer months were spent by many people looking for their dream home, and many people have found theirs and stopped looking.  Plus, those that haven’t found their home yet may put their search off until spring when it gets warmer.  As a result, you’ll have the pick of the litter!

    Secondly, the holidays are coming.  Most people don’t want to spend time looking for a house when they could be devoting that time to friends, family and preparing for the holidays.  They don’t want to feel the rush of combining spending time with people and making such a big decision.  This is why most people wait until the warmer months to begin their search again.  Till then, you’ll have more choices from which to choose.

    Lastly, if a seller’s home has been on the market for several months, they may be more eager to sell.  They may have had to lower the price to accommodate buyers’ interests, and they are anxious to move into a new home.  Buyers can use that to their advantage.  It usually means that a seller is more willing to negotiate with you.  Communicate with your agent and let them help you work out a deal that will please everyone.

    The Powell Group encourages you to continue your search for your dream house.  Our team members are here to help you figure out the best plan for you, and we can answer all of your housing questions.

    If you are moving within the Western Upstate of South Carolina, log on to our website and have a look at all of our available homes.  We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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