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    Fall Home Design Trends

      As our world becomes more intricately connected through today’s technology, we sometimes find ourselves needing a refresher of solitude.  We all need a break from our day to day and what better way, than to melt into relaxation in a tranquil space in your home, allowing you to truly unwind and put your day to rest and your mind at ease.  


    comfy sectional

    Let’s start with Comfy Sectionals.  Mostly seen in the 80’s, but they are back in a big way.  As living rooms have become more relaxed, lounging spots, we have less need for formal furniture, such as traditional sofas, or Victorian chairs in a parlor.  Find the right fit for you, spread out, and enjoy the comfort of curling up with a good book on one of these gorgeous autumn days.

    Deep Blue Accents

    Next up, The Deep Blue Sea!  Traditionally, blue has been a calming color and still is.  The richness of color here is inviting and something about it makes you feel luxuriously peaceful.  These darker hues resemble the deepest depths of the sea and create an interesting, saturated look.  If you’ve already tried a charcoal or black, here’s a new way to add drama.

    PicMonkey Collage
     Thirdly, we have these beautiful black window sashes.  When you draw a dark line around something, you call attention to it.  These gorgeous windows steal the show by drawing the eye to the detailed molding on these many paned windows; it also pulls ones eye to the leafy green trees outside.

    clawfoot tub

    Next we have the classic, vintage, clawfoot tubs.  In a hi-tech, digital world, it’s nice to retreat to some of life’s simple pleasures.  Most vintage tubs do not have jets or infinity edges, but they do allow for an ole’ fashion all-embracing soak.  And at the end of a long day or week, who’s to say it’s not exactly what you need.

    Finally we are bragging about these hardly new Four Poster Beds.  They, like many classic furniture designs, are having a moment.  Why now?  People love the romance of the pillared pieces, giving the feeling of being in their own private, luxurious sanctuary.


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